LE GLOUPHILE - Nice pays

 Possibility to  drinking  a glass of natural wine  Possibility to  eat  while drinking Natural Wines  Possibility to buy a bottle of Natural Wine

41 Boulevard Stalingrad, 06300 Nice, France

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Maxime Magnon, Gilles Azam, Claire Naudin, Patrick Bouju, Jean Pierre Robinot, Georges Comte, Marc Soyard, Domaine des Bodines, Domaine Labet, Marie et Pierre Bénetière, Pierre Gonon, Domaine Jamet, Selosse, Ulysse Collin, Thomas Perseval, Françoise Bedel, Benoit Marguet, Rayas, JM Vincent, Burgaud, JL Chave, etc.

Opening times

Monday :       17H-0H30

Tuesday :       Repos

Wednesday : Repos

Thursday :         17H-0H30

Friday :   17H-0H30

Saturday :       17H-0H30

Sunday :   17H-0H30

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