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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Dante Lomazzi    

Località Mensanello, 24, 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa SI

+39 3933623742

+39 3933623742

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Le domaine

Colombaia is a 4 hectares vineyard south west exposed that round the house and the cellar. The soil is clay/calcar full of fossils shells.! Dante and Helena work the vineyard as a big garden, the byodinamic method allowed them to work in active perception, following the rhythm of nature. The activity in the cave is held in full respect of the fruit keeping intervention as little as possible, acting softly and sensitively. The fermentation is spontaneous with natural grape?s yeasts, working strictly in respect of the vintage. The extraction process is slow and careful, keeping the vital cycles of fermentation, without clarifying, filtering or stabilizing. Some vintages can have a tiny dose at the bottling SO2 added.

Les vignes

La vinification

Les vins

A little production of natural wine: from the old vineyard Colombaia ROSSO Toscano IGT (a unique wine, that represent our territory and vintage (different colour label for each vintage as a truly reflection of the season of each year), a COLOMBAIA white wine Bianco Toscano IGT made with Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes,and from the youngest vineyard the red wine VIGNA NUOVA. From the first juice of each vintanges COLOMBAIA produce a little quantities of Rose? and White ANCESTRALE (methode Ancestral), a unique fermentation in bottle without S02.

Information given by the producer

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Work practices (2020)

In the vineyard In the cellar
In the wine trade? Non Use of additives other than SO2 Non
The domaine's total land size 4 hectares Wine filtration Non
Average yields 40 hl/ha Fining of the wines Non
Harvesting by hand Oui Flash pasteurisation, reverse osmosis, or other technical intervention Non
Use of synthetic products Non Average quantity of SO2 added (mg/l) 10
Growing methods Biodynamique Wines by vintage 3
Certification Oui Demeter Cuvées / wines without SO2 added 2

The producer has completed the form and, by their honour, guarantees their accuracy and authenticity 18-01-2020

Analysis of the wines

Wine Cuvée Vintage Total SO² mg/l Source
Bianco Blanc 2019 <10 Analyses
Rosato Rose 2018 <10 Analyses
Colombaia Ancestrale Blanc 2016 7 Internet
Colombaia Bianco Blanc 2016 12 Internet
Colombaia Vigna Nuova Rouge 2016 15 Internet
VIGNA NUOVA Rouge 2016 <10 Analyses
Colombaia Rosso Rouge 2015 12 Internet
Nerone Rouge 2015 15 Analyses
FRIZZANTE IGT Blanc 2009 12 Internet
FRIZZANTE IGT Rose 2009 12 Internet
Toscano IGT Blanc 2009 20 Internet
TOSCANA IGT Rouge 2008 24 Internet
Toscano IGT Rouge 2007 30 Internet

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