Etnella - Sicile

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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Davide Bentivegna    

Strada Provinciale 7iii, Contrada Bonanno Passopisciaro (CT) 95012

+39 338 6365 933

+39 338 6365 933



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The domaine

Founded in 2008 by Davide Bentivegna, an experienced manager previously worked in a multinational company, Etnella is a young winery located in the north of Etna. With 8 hectares of vineyard in total, scattered in 15 different contradas (cru), our mission is to make authentic wines that interpret the terroir and the winemaking traditions of Etna. All the vineyard work are done by hand organically and wines are vinified naturally, with only indigenous yeast and minimum sulphur added. 

The vines

Our vineyards are located in the from the east side of Etna,  to northeast, north and until the northwest side of Etna. 600 meters above sea level, up until 1000 meters. 
Old vines from 60 years old to prephylloxera 120 years old. Young vines planted by winemaker Davide. 
All vineyard work is done by hand, most trained by traditional Etna style bush vine - Alberello.


Traditional style winemaking - cofermentation of different varieties. 
Spontaneous without temperature control, indegenous yeasts only
Aged in stainless tanks, concrete tanks or old chestnut barrels. 

The wines

Wines that represent the terroir and indegenous grapes of Etna. 

Information given by the producer

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Work practices (2022)

In the vineyard In the cellar
In the wine trade? Oui, 10% Use of additives other than SO2 Non
The domaine's total land size 8 hectares Wine filtration Oui Some wines are slightly filtered
Average yields 23 hl/ha Fining of the wines Non
Harvesting by hand Oui Flash pasteurisation, reverse osmosis, or other technical intervention Non
Use of synthetic products Non Average quantity of SO2 added (mg/l) 25
Growing methods Biologique Wines by vintage 9-11
Certification Oui Cuvées / wines without SO2 added Depends

The producer has completed the form and, by their honour, guarantees their accuracy and authenticity 01-09-2022

Analysis of the wines

Wine Cuvée Vintage Total SO² mg/l Source
Attia Blanc 2020 22 Analyses
Base Frizzante Rose 2020 25 Analyses
Kaos Blanc 2020 21 Analyses
Kaos Rouge 2020 27 Analyses
Orientale Sicula Rose 2020 25 Analyses
Villa Petrosa Rouge 2020 21 Analyses

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