Puerta del Viento

Puerta del Viento -  No added SO2 on any bottle or cuvée

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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Jorge Vega García    

C. San Juan, 53, 24547 Arborbuena, León, Espagne

34 609134798

34 609134798


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The domaine

Puerta del Viento is a small company made up of Jorge Vega as Independent Vigneron, in Cacabelos in the northwest of Spain. We make wine only from our organic vineyards in Bierzo appellation Spain. Puerta del Viento using organic farming strategies:
Only use organic grapes
Only use nature yeasts
Unfiltered wine
Don’t use any additives or coadyuvants
Don’t use sulfites added our wine has less than 10 mg/L of total sulfites
The Vega project was set apart in Bierzo from the others for various reasons: it actively searched for old varieties like Pan y Carne with good pH and acidity. The Wineyards are located in three different areas, steep slopes at medium altitude in the vicinity of Pieros location right on The Way of Santiago around 550 m in the vicinity of Canedo around 750 m. We applied vinification high techniques that were less focused on extraction and more on highlighting terroir personality. Additionally, Vega is one of the first producers in the north west of Spain to farm his own wine without additives even without sulfites (less than 10 mg/L). He started in 2010 making nature wine.

The vines

Pieros vineyard,
Wits its Roman past, Its location right in the heart of Bierzo in the Camino de Santiago just where Pliny the Elder (AD23-79) saw vineyards 2.000 years ago. The age of the vines are around 80 years old. The soil consist of Steep, chalky and shallow soil comprised of a sub-layer rich in minerals. 
Cortiguera vineyard,
One o the oldest vineyard in Bierzo and also in Spain, Then Pago name is Viñas del Rey and was planted around the year 1880, There are Mencía, Doña Blanca and secret varieties like Pan y Carne. It has all the ingredients to produce Grand Cru wines. The soil is alubial with sand.
Canedo vineyard,
The biggest vineyard 1,2 ha in the middle of 6 ha of forest with pines, oaks, and century chestnuts, here there is the Puerta del Viento´s laboratory wineyard where we are recovering old varieties of vines. Nice place to make a picnic. The soil consit of clay with quartz and nice red colour thanks to aluminium and magnesium silicates
 The vineyards always have been worked with horses or caterpillar tractor


Only use organic grapes
Only use nature yeasts
Unfiltered wine
Don’t use any additives or coadyuvants
Don’t use sulfites added our wine has less than 10 mg/L of total sulfites

The wines

Puerta del Viento white label: Mencía 100%. 3500 bottles
Vines age: 30 – 80 years old.
Grapes from organic vineyards
Treading grapes and parcial fermentation with indigenous yeasts
in 500 L french oak barrels.
It contains no added sulfites less than 10 mg/L or any other additive or adjuvant.
Bottling: Wine clarified naturally thanks to Bierzo`s winter. It has not been screened.
Grape: Mencía 100%, organic certificated. The vineyard always have been worked with horses or caterpillar tractor, It was not never added  hervicides, pesticides, or synthesized fungicides.
Vines age: 130 and 80 years old.
Alcohol:13,5% Vol
Grape: Godello 100%, organic certificated. Godello is a indigenous variety with small and hard berries, very difficult to cultivate in the organic way in the north west of Spain.
 Vines age: 30 (60%) – 80(40%) years old.
Alcohol: 13,5% Vol
Grape: Doña Blanca 100% organic certificated from a singular vineyard planted in 1886. The vineyard always have been worked with horses or caterpillar tractor.  Doña Blanca is a minority and indigenous white variety planted in the oldest vineyards near the Sil river in the north west of Spain.
Alcohol: 13% Vol.

Information given by the producer

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Work practices (2021)

In the vineyard In the cellar
In the wine trade? Non Use of additives other than SO2 Non
The domaine's total land size 3 hectares Wine filtration Non
Average yields 3 hl/ha Fining of the wines Non
Harvesting by hand Oui Flash pasteurisation, reverse osmosis, or other technical intervention Non
Use of synthetic products Non Average quantity of SO2 added (mg/l) 0
Growing methods Biologique Wines by vintage 7
Certification Oui Cuvées / wines without SO2 added 7

The producer has completed the form and, by their honour, guarantees their accuracy and authenticity 21-12-2021

Analysis of the wines

Wine Cuvée Vintage Total SO² mg/l Source
Doña Blanca Blanc 2020 <7 Analyses
Godello Blanc 2020 <7 Analyses
Mencia Rouge 2020 <7 Analyses
Pan y Carne Rouge 2020 <7 Analyses
Doña Blanca Blanc 2019 <6 Analyses
Godello Blanc 2019 <6 Analyses
Mencia Rouge 2019 <7 Analyses
Mencia Rouge 2018 <6 Analyses

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