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Polic Estate Truske -

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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Peter Polic    

Truske 40, 6273 Marezige, Slovenia

+386 51 666 777

+386 51 666 777


facebook https://www.facebook.com/policestatetruske

instagram www.instagram.com

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The domaine

The Moon, Age old traditional organic practices, Cutting edge technology and our Inventions... Everything at Poli? organic is thoughtfully prepared under the most delicate of conditions, with infinite respect for the environment and with equal parts of both patience and wisdom.

The vines

2 and 3 years maceration of white wines
interesting red wines


We follow the teaching; give to others as you would have them give to you and do not produce that, which you would not drink. Through biodynamic methods, these organic products are a result of cooperation between man and nature.

The wines

AMBER - Muscat Yellow dry 2 years of maceration
Malvasia - 2 and 3 years of maceration
SuperIstrian - cube of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Refosco
Refosco - Malavita 

Information given by the producer

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Work practices (2023)

In the vineyard In the cellar
In the wine trade? Oui, 95% Use of additives other than SO2 Non
The domaine's total land size 7 hectares Wine filtration Non
Average yields 17 hl/ha Fining of the wines Non
Harvesting by hand Oui Flash pasteurisation, reverse osmosis, or other technical intervention Non
Use of synthetic products Non Average quantity of SO2 added (mg/l) 15-30
Growing methods Biologique Wines by vintage 4
Certification Oui Cuvées / wines without SO2 added 2-3

The producer has completed the form and, by their honour, guarantees their accuracy and authenticity 10-03-2023

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