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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Alex Della Vecchia    

Via San Lorenzo, 111, 31029 San Lorenzo TV




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The domaine

Costadilà was one of the first wineries to propose and enhance the type of Colfondo wine, the so-called sur lie or on yeasts, the sparkling wine made from native white grapes of the Treviso hills. A winemaking method that has its roots in the history and rural tradition of the hills of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Asolo, an artisanal production that dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, mainly intended for family and local consumption.

The vines

Different cru, diversified terroir: Sedimentary carryover and marl, Clay, Clay mixed with pebbles from moraine hills, Sedimentary carryover, Vulcanic. Average age of vineyard from 15 to 70 years


Spontaneous fermentation and maceration of the skins – in steel for the last decantation – Bottling with the addition of must from dried grapes.

The wines

Intense golden yellow. Fragrant aromas of fresh yeast with clear hints of tropical fruit, and floral aromas. Juicy palate, with soft, fresh tones and a pleasant mineral flavour.

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Analysis of the wines

Wine Cuvée Vintage Total SO² mg/l Source
280 Slm Bulles 2021 <10 Internet
330 Slm Bulles 2021 11 Internet
450 Slm Bulles 2021 12 Internet
Móz Bulles 2021 <10 Internet
O-X Rose 2021 <10 Internet
Rosso Rouge 2021 <10 Internet

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