Ploder-Rosenberg - Vulkanland, Steiermark

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Every cuvée / bottle is completely sulphite free (no added SO2)
Majority of bottles /cuvées are free of added SO2

Manuel Ploder    

8093 St. Peter am Ottersbach, Unterrosenberg 86

+43 3477 3234

+43 3477 3234

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The domaine

"Our land is a mark of who we are!"
According to this motto we run our family winery in the Styrian vulcanic area, bio-dynamic & in harmony with nature. 
With Manuel, the winery is now in its third generation. 
Natural wines are developed, which are allowed plenty of room for self-development.

The vines


"Something for your body, soul and mind!"
Three lines create choices and select wine styles. FUNDAMENTAL - LINEA - ARCHAIC. 
White wines account for 90% of the production, followed by dry, light and fruity natural wines. 2/3 of these are fungus-resistant varieties.
For red wine, the reduction falls to Cerason, a red PIWI variety. Our mature Linea line and the archaic mash-fermented wines are the flagships of the winery.

The wines

Information given by the producer

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Work practices (2022)

In the vineyard In the cellar
In the wine trade? Non Use of additives other than SO2 Non
The domaine's total land size 11,7 hectares Wine filtration Non
Average yields 30 hl/ha Fining of the wines Non
Harvesting by hand Oui Flash pasteurisation, reverse osmosis, or other technical intervention Non
Use of synthetic products Non Average quantity of SO2 added (mg/l) 15
Growing methods Biodynamique Wines by vintage 10
Certification Oui 2006 Cuvées / wines without SO2 added 7

The producer has completed the form and, by their honour, guarantees their accuracy and authenticity 11-01-2022

Analysis of the wines

Wine Cuvée Vintage Total SO² mg/l Source
Cara Blanc 2019 <10 Analyses
Linea Sauvignon Blanc Blanc 2019 16 Analyses
Blanca Blanc 2017 16 Analyses
Blanca Blanc 2017 16 Analyses
Linea Sauvignon Gris Blanc 2017 10 Analyses
Aero Blanc 2016 9 Analyses

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